Tech Infantry Wiki

To be this big of a geek, I had to start early.

Martin Hohner has been playing Tech Infantry since the very first season way back in 1997. He played a major role in codifying the technobabble of this universe, especially when it came to how starships and space combat work, culminating in creating an epic website listing every ship and ship class in Earth Fleet as of Season 4.3.

My Player Characters[]

Season one: Adam Selene

Season 4.1: Zebulon Carter

Season 4.2: Eric Von Shrakenberg

Season 4.3: Erich Von Shrakenberg

Season Eight: Icarus Hicks

Season Nine: Argus McCall

Help With The Wiki[]

As you may have noticed, I am far and away the most prolific contributor to this wiki.  I try to do SOMETHING to help build the wiki every day.  If you want to help, try the Community Portal, which has helpful links such as Orphaned Pages (pages not referenced or linked elsewhere on the wiki) and Wanted Pages (pages linked to that don't exist yet and need to be written).