Here are some hints for my fellow editors on how to deal with the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface used by the Wikia software to create and edit articles on this Wiki.

1.) Don't use a complex word processor to pre-write articles. Many of them embed formatting information along with the text or otherwise get fancy with the text markup, and some of these markups do not translate well when cut-and-pasted into the WYSIWYG editor. Specifically, quote marks and apostrophes in things like "Wilke's Star" come in multiple varieties, such as open and close quotes used by the fancier sort of word processor. Unfortunately, the WYSIWYG editor only uses the one generic kind of apostrophe and quote mark...but can still read and display the other kind. So if you write "Wilke's Star" in MS Word and cut-and-paste it here, it will be a different apostrophe character than if you typed "Wike's Star" directly into the interface. Which means if you try and make it a link to the Wilke's Star page, it won't work unless you delete the nonstandard apostrophe and retype it. Also, line spacing and paragraph formats face similar problems which can mess up the ability to use the section headings markup. So if you want to pre-write something, do it in Notepad, not MS Word.

2.) Be very careful when selecting text to turn into a link. If you select the space before or after a word, it will also end up highlighting the word before or after it when the page is updated with your new edits. But if someone tries to "edit link", they will not see the extra words listed, and any extra unhighlighted words will be deleted and disappear if someone tries to edit the link. So be careful to only select the word itself with your mouse and not the spaces before or after it. Also be careful to get all the letters of a word and not leave off the ones at the start or end, and don't accidentally highlight a period or comma after the word, either.

3.) Don't try to add too many links to a long article at once. There seems to be a bug where, if you are adding more than a few dozen links to a given article, after a while it starts ignoring the "text to display" box in the link-adding interface box, and you lose the ability to link to a different page title than the exact text to be displayed. So you can't link the word "Mordred's" to the page "Mordred", for example, or link "Bugs" to "Arachnid" without it also changing the word "Bugs" in the text to "Arachnid". The only thing that seems to work is to save your progress and come back in a few hours later to finish it later.

4.) Be careful with the spelling when adding pages to categories. The software will automatically generate a category page for any category that any pages are added to, so for a while we had separate categories for "Technical Terms", "Techical Terms", "Techniical Terms", and even "Technical terms". Speaking of which...

5.) Capitalization matters when it comes to multi-word page titles. It doesn't matter if you link to "aircar" or "Aircar". But it does matter if you link to "Tech Infantry" or "Tech infantry". Eventually we'll create redirect pages for some of the more common typos, but for now, the right one will work, the wrong ones will not. So think of this both when you make links, and when you make titles for multi-word page titles.

That's what I got so far. Some of these are things I've noticed myself screwing up, others are things I've noticed others screwing up. We all need to work harder to avoid these goofups in the future. Any other things along these lines that you've noticed, let us all know so we can learn from your mistakes and our own.

Martin The Mess 03:23, September 1, 2011 (UTC)

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