SirNolen SirNolen 21 November 2013

Under 500!

WOOT!  I've finally gotten the list of wanted pages under 500!  True, I've added over a dozen articles over the last few months to whittle the list down a little, but most of the rest was eliminating duplicates, misspellings, plural  and capitalization issues, etc.  I've gone about as far as I can, but other Twiki junkies might want to check the wanted pages list to see if there are any others we can eliminate.

For example, is there a difference between a Hyper Generator and a Spatial Distortion Accelerator?  Are the Shadowlands and the Wraithlands the same thing?  Do we really need an entry for Mungunwha Algae, or Crystaline Batteries, or the Yarobi Hills and the Shih-kiang River on Khymer?  Or Yasuyama Holly, Taka's great-great-grandmother…

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