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Who is Albigensia? Edit

Albigensia (or "Albi" for short) is the former Moderator of Tech Infantry Seasons 4.2, 4.3, 8, & 9, has played in all other seasons of TI except 5, and is the initiator of this Wiki. As I'm taking a back seat to be a player in Season 10, my role now is head cheerleader and the repository of knowledge of the Techverse.

Entry for Demar Palancia Needed Edit

While looking through a former NPC description I noticed a link to Demar Palancia, but it did not lead to a page with a description of this NPC. I was wondering if you could perhaps create an entry for Mr. Palancia and make it available for the players to view on the Major NPC category page. For some reason I really can't nail down what this guy looks like. It has been quite a while since I have read the book and what I remember about him is rather vague. Most likely, I will not get a chance to reread it before the end of the game. In the mean time, at least a brief description of what he is like would help jog my memory and would be appreciated.

Yours very truly,


Southwest Regional Director of Tech Infantry Sabbat Operations

You've got my bookEdit

Well, you still have my copy of the book, so if you mail it back to me, I can use it to make an entry. Or you could do the same but leave out a pic for the time being. Or just use Lou Diamond Philips. But yeah, it would probably be best for Marcus to make the entry, since he created the character.

Martin The Mess 19:59, November 20, 2011 (UTC)


Hi. Interesting site. I see you are not only one of the more active members of this one, but you also made an edit on a subject I am very interested - the Garou. I am hoping this is a game that is still being played (having read the main page, and all). Please let me know here, on my wiki.

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 — <<— Philodox —>> talk 05:19, February 16, 2012 (UTC)

Nice Handle!

And I was worried people would be thinking I'm weird for my handle on this site.

I respectfully ask that the character "Altair Juarez" be chaged to use a different last name. You are using the real first and last name of a REAL person. My name is very unique, which makes me very identifiable. Second, the fictiontal character page contains a lot of non-fictional information about me, the real person. Please change at least the last name....Lopez, Garcia, Hernandez...anything but my real name. While I appreciate the complement of having a cool name (stated by the page creator), I don't appreciate my true name being used on the site. Thank you. AJ.

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