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  • I am The God of Hell Fire


Great job with the wiki so far - either you're great at BS'ing or you remember a heck of a lot more than me. Possibly both... :) Albigensia 17:54, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

Hi Martin. I just made a request for you in a comments section not knowing that this would be a better place. Sorry about that. I am not sure that you will read this entry any time soon. Thanks for all of your help on the wiki pages.


Thank you for your help with my entries Edit

Martin the Mess I just want you to know how much I appreciate your cleaning up many of the entries I have made. While I do my best to keep the spelling and grammar errors to a minumum, somehow a few always to seem to slip past especially when I write them late at night after a long day. It is always nice to know that there will be another set of eyes are going to look through them, make minor corrections or provide more clairty. I really appreciate the corrections that you make, because it improves the submissions that I make and over the longrun will make the Wiki seem like a better site for outside viewers that should ever happen to browse throught it.



Please Make Blog Edit

I have been trying to create a new category. I did it once a few weeks ago, but could not remember how I did it. I searched the help menus but could not find the answer. When you get a chance, could you make a blog entry with some instructions, so that I will have it for reference in the future.



I remembered Edit

After lying in bed for about half an hour thinking about it, I remembered.

Comments on Circe need to be removed Edit

Circe Entry needs to be Reentered or Revised

A few months ago we had a debate regarding the naming of an organism on Circe in the comments section of its entry, which in retrospect should have taken place offline. The result is that there is now an extremely long arguementative section that quite frankly makes that entry look bad and is a poor reflection of the website. I strongly suggest that we do something about that.

I would suggest that we either find a way to delete those comments or at least the majority of them. If we are unable to do that, then we could simply copy the information entered and delete the entry. After that we could create a new Circe entry and paste or reenter the information that we copied.

I'll work on itEdit

I'll see what I can do to work on it this afternoon when I get back from the hardware store.

Martin The Mess 17:37, November 18, 2011 (UTC)

Good Job Naming the Avatars Edit

Good idea naming the avatars! I am sure you will get points for editing the NPC webpages. You deserve it...

I can not believe this game is still going strong. I guess the massive amount of heart and effort you and the others put into gave it a life beyond what I ever saw happening. I intend to take some more time to dig through and see what I've missed. Let me know if you need any of the original web site. I still pretty much have everything from it.

Hansi2112 06:50, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

@Hansi2112 - Is that you, Bax?

If so, glad to see you on here! I, for one, am definitely interested seeing your old TI website again. After nearly losing all of Season 4.3 to the death of Geocites, I'm trying to archive all the old TI websites on my personal web domain so we'll never lose them again. I'd love to add your old TI website to it. If you're interested, you could email me the files in a .zip archive and I could have it up in a few days on the TI Web Archive. By the way, we're still missing Episode 9 Act 1 from TI 4.3 - don't suppose you'd happen to have a copy of that saved somewhere, do you?

Good to hear from you again!


I made some changes to the working categories that I think make some sense. The first of which is adding a page for resources that we have been using so far so that other players can easily reference them and to pay homage to some of the major sources of information that we use for the TI. If you could add science fiction based sites or references that you have used or know then that would be cool.

The other change that I have made is that under the Life and Society heading I am going to add a category specifically for Active (current) Factions. The Alternate Factions and the Defunct Factions will be added to the Tech Infantry Archives. There will be links to both of these pages from the Active Factions page once it is created and vice versa from Alternate/Defunct Factions sites once they have been added to the archives.

There are two main reasons for doing this. The first is that it should make it easier for people using the website to be able to reference those categories individually rather than having them lumped together on one page.

The other reason is that it will allow us to expand the amount of information on the sites regarding the Active, Alternate, and Defunct Factions rather then having them all crammed together on one page.


Hello Martin,

Thanks for the complement on my cool name. I am asking you please to respect my privacy and change the last name of your "Altair" character. I am a private person and highly protective of my identity. With a name as unique as mine, having my exact first and last name is highly identifiable. Thank you. AJ 


Editing a story that is pushing 15 years old will be difficult.  But I will make an effort to track down every mention of the character (there are only 2 or 3) and change the name to Altair Jerez.  Will that be different enough?  And yes, it was meant as a compliment on a cool name.  I needed a name for a bridge officer character so I could be consistent with the name and gender of the character on the rare occasion she had a line, so I grabbed one almost at random from my memory.  Writing a story set 300 years in the future, I needed names from a wide spectrum of ethniciities, and luckily our high school was large and diverse enough to provide countless examples of real names from a wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.   Martin The Mess (talk) 00:30, January 26, 2013 (UTC)

Nice job with the miniseries/series ten summary on the history of the game page.

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