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Hi, welcome to Tech Infantry Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the K'Nes Llan page. Glad to have you on board and editing away!

Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- (Talk) 16:00, July 8, 2011

Mav-rick! Edit

Thanks for adding the pic of the F-3 Maverick fighter. As you may have heard, my copy of that pic is locked away on a desktop computer with no good way to get it off. Martin The Mess 19:39, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

Avarice is better than none Edit

The Avarice-class superfrieghters now have an entry with image. If you want more detailed stats, I can come up with some, but I wanted to leave the exact level of armament they're currently carrying somewhat up to you. If you don't like what's there, feel free to edit it or suggest improvements.

Martin The Mess 19:47, November 14, 2011 (UTC)

TI9 "Publication" UpdateEdit

Hey it's me Warellis. You mentioned in your message to me that you plan on releasing Born Under a Grey Sky as an ebook and in paperback. However wouldn't White Wolf or whoever owns the oWoD info attempt to sue or something? I've often heard about companies and authors being very tight regarding what they consider their world or characters or whatever, so are there legal dangers that could affect the novel?

Warellis (talk) 22:48, June 29, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, if White Wolf wanted to sue us, they probably could.  The e-Book/paperback versions of our stories are self-published using a vanity press, are not advertised as being White Wolf tie-ins (or at all, really). They are published mostly so we ourselves can buy copies and stick them on our bookshelves and pretend we're published authors.  Partly, they are published so a copy of the text exists on the vanity press's servers, so if our houses all burn down we can order new copies of the books and the text is not lost.  Partly, it's so that potential new players or other friends and family of ours can get hard copy printouts in a form not involving multiple three-ring binders (I have a printout of Season 4.3, "Rage Against the Dying o the Light", and it fills three fat binders).  If White Wolf's lawyers ever notice our little efforts and send us a cease-and-desist letter, we will cheerfully remove the vanity-press versions of the story from sale.  But since we use the discontinued "Old World of Darkness" rather than their current crop of backstory and copyrights, they probably don't care very much about our efforts. 

I understand part of the delay with "Born Under a Grey Sky" is that it is being re-edited to expunge some of the more blatant White Wolf intellectual property/trademark uses, in an attempt to pre-empt any possible legal troubles.  But while they might be able to trademark, for example, "Clan Ventrue" or "Glass Walkers Tribe", they can't copyright the broad concept of vampires or werewolves, especially not ones in power armor.  We've also borrowed enough concepts from dozens of other sources, that we're covered by the idea that "If you steal from more than three sources, it's not plagiarism, it's research".  In the unlikely event that the Tech Infantry stories somehow go viral and sell enough copies to be worth their lawyers trying to sue us for a cut of the sales, we'd not only happily cut them in on a reasonable percentage of the sales, we'd take the opportunity to encourage our new readers to go buy the WoD sourcebooks from White Wolf and go play TI-inspired campaigns with them. 

Martin The Mess (talk) 03:42, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

Yes, I should have clarified that we are SELF-publishing.  To the best of my knowledge, the dividing line between fan fiction and copyright infringement is if the plagiarist tries to make a profit off the work.  The TI ebooks are/will be distributed for free, and the paperbacks are sold "at cost" of printing, meaning we make no money off it.  That said, White Wolf (among many others) probably could sue us if they really wanted to...

Frankly, by TI8, the universe had drifted so far from White Wolf that the explicit references were few and far between.  Unfortunately, in TI9 player Zolo brought the White Wolf elements back with a vengeance in the Bishop plotline.

Um... actually, I haven't been editing out the White Wolf references in TI9 - am I supposed to be?  I can if we need to. If we do, though, we should probably get buy-in from Zolo.  His Bishop plotline is really the only one that will be affected in any major way, and he really doesn't like people editing his text without his knowledge and approval.

To be honest, the delay in self-publishing TI9 is a combination of simultaneous business and laziness on my part.  I'm almost done with episode 4, so I'm about 2/3 of the way through.  (But I've only updated the website with the revised versions through episode 2 - I'll try to upload the new versions of ep 3 early next week.)

The main bottlenecks are the Bishop and Taka plotlines.  Bishop actually has a fairly decent story to tell, but the technical level of writing is so poor that it's excruciatingly difficult and painful to read.  The trick there is to make it as readable as possible while changing as few words as possible.  Luckily, Zolo has approved all my edits so far (and usually can't even tell what changes I've made unless I point them out).  The Taka story, though, is just a disaster.  I've currently reading through the whole Taka story again for the fourth time, and I'm still confused about what exactly is going on.  There's a lot of mistakes and contradictions, unanswered questions, and crucial plot points that were never explained.  It's a shame, really, because there's the skeleton of a cool time travel story there, it just needs to be brought to the surface, fleshed out, and polished.  Just last night, though, I sat down with Abegensia (last chance before he moves to Arizona!) and went though the Taka story point by point until I'd pretty much figured out what was happening, so hopefully I'll finally be able to move forward with that.  I've got a lot of work ahead of me, though... 15:22, June 30, 2013 (UTC) SirNolen/Xinjao

There were also some explicit references to Mage factions in the Scyr plotline, when he visted that Traditions chantry under the rubble of Switzerland.  I thought you had another side project of re-editing the Heth storyline to remove the explicit White Wolf elements so you could try to turn it into a publishable short story of your own.  Maybe that's the source of my thinking you were trying to at least reduce their number in the main story for publication. 

More generally, though, fanfic becomes a no-no in three instances:

1.) The fanfic author tries to make money off of the copyrighted elements of someone else's work. 

2.) The fanfic author tries to pass their work off as an official or semi-official part of canon, potentially confusing readers/customers. 

3.) The fanfic author tries to get the original author to notice the work, opening up the possibility of the fanfic author suing the original author if any elements of the fanfic later turn up in official canon through sheer coincidence or actual cleverness on the part of the fanfic author. 

We're not trying to make money off of TI, and if we did so by accident, we'd happily split the proceeds with White Wolf.  We're not trying to pass the works off as an official or semi-official part of White Wolf Canon, the official canon passed us by long ago.   And if werewolves in power armor or giant alien insects or kilometer-long starships show up in some future sourcebook of the new World of Darkness, well, we'd giggle like maniacs and probably buy ourselves a copy of the sourcebook, but we're certainly not gonna sue White Wolf for plagiarism. 

Also, none of us have deep enough pockets to be worth suing, a lawsuit would just generate bad publicity for White Wolf without getting them any sort of settlement to even cover their legal costs.  So we're probably fairly safe as long as we don't do anything to poke a stick at White Wolf and annoy them directly by breaking any of the three no-nos above. 

Martin The Mess (talk) 15:58, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

I would totally buy such a sourcebook.

Yes, I am revising the Heth story ("Predatory Practices") for legitimate self-publication.  There were so few White Wolf references in that plotline that removing/renaming them was fairly easily.  The story also ended up being rather expanded, mainly because there were so many things that I didn't need to explain before because our audience was already familiar with them (like who the Horadrim are or what a gravity drive does) that I now have to explain to an unfamiliar audience or risk confusing them to death.

Martin, it sounds like you don't think we need to remove the White Wolf references in the final edition of TI9?  If so, I'm totally cool with that.

Should we perhaps include a disclaimer at the beginning of book that this is NOT in any way official or semi-official White Wolf/World of Darkness canon, just to avoid any confusion?

=^_^= 17:35, June 30, 2013 (UTC) SirNolen/Xinjao

Yeah, it might not be a bad idea to include on the wiki mainpage and on the archived story table-of-contents for each season both the usual "this is a work of fiction" and a new "no white wolf copyright infringement implied or intended" disclaimer.  Martin The Mess (talk) 17:55, June 30, 2013 (UTC)

Thanks For The Great Work! Edit

Great Job Lately!

SirNolen, you have been doing a fantastic job recently of finding and fixing typos and broken links in articles across the TwikI.  Thanks a ton for your efforts, and congrats on the two medals you recently picked up!

Martin The Mess (talk) 05:41, October 10, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, that was mainly because I stumbled across the "wanted pages" section recently and realized a good chunk of them were misspellings, capitalization errors, etc., that could be quickly and easily fixed.

"Technical Terms" is our largest category so far with 188 entries.  I've been thinking about adding a page breaking them down into lists by type to make it easier to find something.  For example:


  • aerodyne
  • hovercar
  • maglev train
  • etc.

Would you guys be okay with that?

=^_^= 10:59, October 10, 2013 (UTC) SirNolen/Xinjao

I've been trying to avoid having too many categories, but if the technical terms category is getting annoyingly large, it might not be a bad idea.  We'll continue this talk on the talk page for the category

Martin The Mess (talk) 16:30, October 10, 2013 (UTC)

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