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Welcome aboard, Warellis! 

Regarding your earlier comments (I moved this part of the discussion over here because it's not really about gravity drives), if you really are interested in reading the books... well, you're in luck!  The TI Web Archive has all the "novels" we've written over the years.

If I were you, I'd start with "Prayer for the Technocrats," as it's a fairly short, complete novella (about 150 pages), but a LOT happens - the Call Invasion, the collapse of the Terran Federation, and the birth of the Holy Terran Empire.  You can read it online, download it as an ebook, or buy a paper copy from Amazon.

If you finish that and are still interested, move on to "Born Under a Gray Sky," which follows immediately after the events in "Technocrats" and chronicles the Ascension War between the dying Federation and fledgling Empire.  It's a much larger story, but includes a subplot with the Sabbat you might find interesting.  Currently, this book can only be read online, but we're planning to release it as an ebook and paperback soon.

If you'd rather not jump straight into whole novels, there are a bunch of short stories available here (anywhere from 3 to 20 pages long).  All take place after "Born Under a Gray Sky."

As for whether you'd have anything to contribute to the universe... well, you've come across Tech Infantry at a good time.  At the end of the last game/novel, HUGE parts of the TI Universe got chucked out the window (the Terran Federation, Earth Fleet, and Tech Infantry are all gone now).  At the moment, the setting for the next season/novel is rather, uh... vague and undefined.  There are currently multiple world-building discussions on the TI Forum where we're trying to hammer down the setting for the next season.  Feel free to join in with your own comments and opinions if you want.  I think you might find "Imperial Fleet" and "Transportation and Economics" threads particularly interesting - although you can probably skip the posts by Zolo, as most of those ideas have been dropped by now.

Of course, if you'd rather just be a tourist, that's fine too!

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