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The Veracruz class of Light Assault Transports was built in the 2160's for service against the Bugs and Drakat. Rough contemporaries with the Aegis-class, these ships did not last as long in service. Too small to be as effective as true spacegoing transports like the later Otto Skorzeny class, too big to reliably land on a surface like the Aegis Blade and later Gryphon-class ships, they were all withdrawn from service by the early 2200's.

Several had their Mass Drivers, Transit Beacons, and Drop Pods removed and repaced with mounting brackets for standard 1000-ton Cargo Pods or extra internal cargo space and were put back into service as Merchant Frigates. In this capacity, they retained their chemlaser turret and frequently had one or more cargo pods replaced with box launchers for Lance Torpedoes, for use on shipping routes threatened by piracy or bad diplomatic relations.

One vessel from this class which had escaped conversion into a cargo vessel, the EFS Gallipoli, was later found abandoned in a scrapyard and put in a parking orbit around the New Israel colony in the Cronos system awaiting possible preservation as a museum ship, but instead in early 2244 it was refitted, renamed the NIS Galilee, and sent into battle with Task Force David against the Christian Federation during the Third Civil War.  It survived the war as was returned to orbit as a museum ship, but in 2265 was confiscated by the Holy Terran Empire for use in the Ascension War, mostly in patrol and suport roles to free up superior ships for front-line combat.  Surviving that war as well, it was eventually sent to the Fifth Fleet guarding the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, where it remains today.

Known ShipsEdit

  • EFS Veracruz LSL-75 (converted to merchant frigate, rescued Alistar Dimiye's unit from Khmer, later lost)
  • EFS Gallipoli LSL-76 (renamed NIS Galilee as part of Task Force David, later conscripted into Imperial Navy)
  • EFS Casablanca LSL-77
  • EFS Anzio LSL-78
  • EFS Salerno LSL-79
  • EFS Omaha Beach LSL-80
  • EFS Guadalcanal LSL-81
  • EFS Wake Island LSL-82
  • EFS Lingayen Gulf LSL-83
  • EFS Grenada LSL-84
  • EFS Golders Green LSL-85
  • EFS Buna LSL-86
  • EFS Lae LSL-87
  • EFS Narvik LSL-88

Behind the ScenesEdit

These ships were designed by Ed Stasheff, specifically to be used as obsolete ships for Task Force David.

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