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Major Victor McManus was a mage for Internal Security before the 3rd Civil War. He was a superb agent, recruited out of the Tech Infantry, and specialized in thwarting the Resistance's efforts to penetrate the core systems. As a result, he was promoted to division chief of Intersystem Operations. making him third in command of the intelligence organization.

After the death of Lt. Col. In-Seok Pax by Erich Von Shrakenberg, he expected to become Colonel when Rashid King was elevated to Marshal. However, he was brutally disappointed when he was superceded by Herbert Gergenstein. This caused him to ally with Samuel Wall, along with Lisa Quinlan (the lady in red), and Andrea Treschi to overthrow Gergenstein and establish a new triumvirate. However, the death of Wall, the assassination of the Grand Council, and the rise of Arthur Clarke as Chaiman forced him back into Gergenstein's camp.

He left New Paris with Herbert Gergenstein and became Herb's right-hand man in the underground Technocracy / former Internal Security. He acted under the pseudonym "H.G. Wells" during the Ascension War, and after Gergenstein became the head of House Vendo, he became his head of security.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Victor was a character originally invented by Bax, but after he left Season 4.3, he became useful in several InSec storylines and lived on. As Gergenstein got more popular as a character, he couldn't be everywhere at once, so bringing him in was convenient.

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