Emperor of the Holy Terran Empire, Vin was a Horadrim and a Mage. After his role in stopping the Caal Invasion, he is worshipped as a living god by many of his subjects. Possessor of the Orb, he wields immense supernatural power, as well as having centuries of experience.

Early HistoryEdit

According to Dane, he was one of those Horadrim children abducted by the Umbral Dreadnaught launched by the Technocracy. The Bug War was begun against Earth due to this incident. Dane admits that he was one of the few children who survived the subsequent experimentation. It is assumed that the Technocracy was able to create the first Horadrim / Human hybrids as an attempt to tap into the Soul Web which is the heart of a Hodraida's power; Vin may have been their first successful subject.

It's uncertain what happened to him for the first two centuries of his life. It's possible he was pawn of a Pyramus Grey, and developed his magic abilities, but his involvement with this project has never been verified. He was freed as part of the Coral Sea Treaty in 2202, once the 1st Triumvirate was defeated and the survivors returned to their race.

3rd Civil WarEdit

Vin Dane appears in 2242 as a member of the Resistance, one of many Horadrim who joined the fight against the Earth Federation. With the defeat of the Resistance, Dane changed his colors, and volunteered into the Tech Infantry. Tech Infantry Service Dane's service starts in 2245; due to his contacts within the Federation (and the destruction of the Internal Security files), his prior history was undiscovered. He served honorably in the service, involved with many firefights, where he also met his future wife, Miranda. He rose in rank and gained Chairman Arthur Clarke's trust to become Colonel of the Raptors. He was one of the first to discover the Caal Invasion, and together with his associates, was able to defeat the Caal.

Holy Terran Emperor 

After killing Arthur Clarke, he took command of the Home Fleet and defeated the Caal in the Battle of Avalon. He refused to take the mantle of Grand Council Chairman and disbanded the Earth Federation. With the Caal threat eliminated, the people of Avalon began worshipping him. Fearing a backlash, Vin consented to become Emperor. The title "Holy Terran Emperor" was later formalized as the Cult of the Emperor grew. During the Battle of the Round Table, when Scyr received the Orb, he took the form of Vin Dane and his soul web and killed the original Horadrim. Now he reigns in his false form.

Behind the ScenesEdit

It's uncertain where Bax got the name from, but he appears completely at random as the Emperor in Season 6. Because of his eventual god-like status, this NPC has always appeared more powerful than he probably should have been. He appears in Season 4.3 as a significant badass working for the Resistance, and of course, his elevation to Emperor is written about in "Prayer for the Technocrats." Scyr's takeover of Vin Dane's form helped Marcus to explain why the nice guy in "Prayer..." becomes the tyrant in Y3K .

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