A Vin Shriak out of its suit

The Vin Shriak were a genocidal alien race who invaded human space in the 2250's. They were in turn made extinct after a series of nova bombs was used to destroy their home star systems.

Vin Shriak TechnologyEdit

The Vin Shriak made extensive use of biotechnology and genetic engineering. They genetically engineered a second sentient species that had co-evolved with them on their home planet into being nothing more than wearable suits of organic power armor. Their starships tended to be huge, far larger than even a Star Control Ship. The largest were over 50 miles long, but even the smallest were nearly 20 miles long.


A Vin Shriak organic power suit

==Vin Shriak History==

First contact was made with the Vin Shriak in 2239. The Vin Shriak refused to negotiate, and attacked and destroyed a Federation colony on R45. The Federation prepared for war, but nothing more was heard from the Vin Shriak for over a decade.

The Vin Shriak returned in huge numbers in 2251 and launched an all-out invasion of human space known as the Holy War. Their objective seemed to be the complete genocide of humanity, for they took no prisoners and executed the inhabitants of all captured worlds. At great cost in lives and warships, the Federation under Arthur Clarke managed to drive the Vin Shriak back almost to the border of human space, but the Eastern Bloc was essentially depopulated and destroyed. At this point, Federation ships began using the so-called 3D weapon, or Dooms Day Device. This was a weapon that could send a star into supernova, and it was used to destroy the Vin Shriak home systems far to galactic west of the Federation. Cut off from reinforcement and supply, the remaining Vin Shriak forces in human space were eventually surrounded and annihilated. No more Vin Shriak are kno

A Vin Shriak wearing its power suit

wn to survive anywhere.

Season Eight Alternate TimelineEdit

Instead of attacking the Eastern Bloc first, the Vin Shriak invaded the Earth Federation directly. They very nearly destroyed the Federation before Nova Bombs were used to destroy their home stars. This saved the Federation, but only briefly, because the Eastern Bloc and their alien allies, spared from the wrath of the Vin Shriak by the Federation's stubborn defense, invaded and destroyed the crippled Federation.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Vin Shriak are, of course, based visually on the aliens from Independence Day. Their name comes from Nathan Bax's brief obsession with actor Vin Diesel after enjoying his character in the movie Pitch Black a little more than is probably healthy.

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