Vitek medal

We give enough medals to real people - now imaginary characters have their own award!

The Vitek Medal for NPC Excellence is the highest non-ranking award that is given to a current season non-player character. The medal signifies proven excellence in their appearence in the game. It is named after Marko Vitek, the quasi-hero and recurring character from Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4.3, and even 8, who although never achieved higher than demi-god rank, was a driving force in the TI universe.

Vitek Ribbon
Nominees are chosen by the players and then decided by a majority vote of the players, with the Storyteller as a tiebreaker.

Winners of the Vitek Medal are not increased in rank (i.e. peon to badass) or achieve any immunity from death, dismemberment, or tragic consequences. It is simply a recognition of good character creation and a collective compliment to the player who created them.

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