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Volkskrieg Overdirve was a plutonium thrash metal band popular in the 2230's and 2240's. Their music was heavily inspired by the werecreature subculture within the ranks of the Tech Infantry, and included jungle noises and animal sounds as well as pulsing electric guitars, pounding drumbeats, and sizzling electronic synthesizer riffs. They were infamous for being the music played over the PA system at The Rage when Arthur Clarke was (supposedly) killed in 2243. 

Sample Lyrics[]

"First Law"[]

"There is no reason to fire the gun,

except us men think it's fun,

But your god said not to kill anyone…

I think you're living a lie, I think you're living a lie,

Because people die all the time, and you don't seem to mind…"

"Pull The Strings"[]

“All the world’s a stage, every word’s a note,

and every day is filled with songs you never knew you wrote.”

Behind the Scenes[]

For years, Marcus had thought Volkskrieg Overdrive would make an awesome name for a heavy metal/industrial/thrash band. So when he needed a cool band name in the story, this is what he used.