信介 Picture

My father was a werewolf.

Wakamatsu Shinsuke (若松信介, born February 29, 2244) is a werewolf and close friend of Yasuyama Takamitsu.  Although technically Takamitsu's senior, Shinsuke feels a tremendous debt of gratitude toward the Yasuyama family for having saved his life by taking him to New Tokyo during the Vin Shriak Holy War that wiped out the Eastern Bloc.  They have been close friends since early childhood, and Shinsuke regularly defers to Taka.  Shinsuke experienced his first change when he was thirteen, and it was only because Takamitsu, Ji-yoon, and Wen were present with him that he was able to maintain some degree of control over himself.  He served in the Tech Infantry from October, 2257 until September, 2262.  He was in the same unit with Wen for his last three years, and the two were secretly romantically involved for much of that time. 

Shinsuke presently works as a security officer for Anshin Heavy Industries, heading up a squad of werecreatures on Anshin's payroll.  The members of Shinsuke's squad are all former Tech Infantry comrades: Kojima Kiyokazu, Kojima Yuta, Kobayashi Yosuke, and Takahashi Wataru.

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