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Sadly, when the politicians were replaced with vampires, no one really noticed much of a difference.

The Wilke's Star Free State was a minor faction that played a pivotal role during the Ascension War in Season Nine.


After theCaal Invasion in 2264 shattered civilization and the fledgling Holy Terran Empire went to war with the remains of the Earth Federation for control of humanity, several local system governments tried to take advantage of the chaos to declare independence, leaving the local system governor the top man of a much shorter totem pole.  Most of them quickly found themselves forced to choose sides in the larger conflict or be gobbled up, but when Governor Kee Vang declared the Wilke's Star system an independent Free State, he did so from a much firmer foundation than most. 

To back up their claim, they had access to an immense arsenal of planetary defenses left over from an Earth Fleet supply depot stationed on Wilke's Star under Chairman Clarke.  Furthermore, Wilke's Star maintained a policy of strict neutrality in the galactic conflict (officially, at least) and offered open trade and free passage to all military and civilian craft who wished to pass through their system.  Consequently, with Wilke's Star posing no immediate threat and not worth the considerable time and trouble to conquer, the Earth Federation, Ministry of Public Safety, and Terran Republic all were content to recognize in practice the system's de facto independence, along with the K'Nes Llan.  The Holy Terran Empire, claiming dominion over all human space, did not.

The truth, however, was that Wilke's Star was run by the vampires of the Sabbat under the leadership of Mordred.  The Sabbat, preferring to rule from the shadows as the power behind the throne, took indirect control through a puppet government of humans "elected" under a thin veneer of sham democracy.  In reality, Mordred held absolute power and ruled with an iron fist through his token figurehead Governor Kee Vang, who was actually a ghoul and blood-bonded to Mordred himself.


Mordred's diplomatic strategy was to keep the war going (and everyone else too busy elsewhere to invade Wilke's Star) by preventing any faction from growing powerful enough to conquer the rest, giving him time to consolidate his hold on the system and lay the diplomatic and military foundations for permanent independence.  First, when the Federation tripled its resources by unifying with the Ministry of Public Safety, Mordred sabotaged the alliance by secretly sending William Bishop and Michelle Fisher to assassinate Aisha Ramirez, the Ministy's former head of state.  This led to the Red Spring, a series of protests, riots, and rebellions across the former Ministry systems which sapped the Federation's strength and resources.

Next, when the Holy Terran Empire seemed to seizing the momentum in the war, with a successful Imperial offensive against the Terran Republic underway and the Federation's counter-offensives stalled out at Minos and St. Michael's Star, the Sabbat secretly allied with the Federation in a joint mission to assassinate Emperor Vin Dane.  Unfortunately, Mordred's plan backfired when the assassination attempt failed at the Battle of the Round Table, and the Empire emerged stronger than ever.


When the Holy Terran Empire won the Ascension War and conquered the rest of human space, the Wilke's Star Free State was absorbed peacefully into the Empire, maintaining semi-independence as House Mallorea.  It continues to be controlled by the Sabbat ruling through a puppet nobility.