Wolf is a star system on the easternmost edge of human space. Currently, it lies on the Republican side of the border between the Terran Republic and the Holy Terran Empire. The system has two hyperspace routes, one to Earth in the HTE and the other to Elysia deeper into the Republic.

Season 9Edit

While Babylon is the political capital system of the Terran Republic, Wolf is unquestionably the economic capital. One of humanity's older colonies, the planet Wolf boasts several urban metropolises and a large industrial sector. Although its manufacturing output hardly rivals such premier systems as Avalon or Minos, Wolf easily tops the charts within the Terran Republic (Hadley claims a distant second place).

Unfortunately for the Republic, its most valuable star system was also one of its most vulnerable. The lack of an effective Terran Navy allowed the Imperial Fleet to blockade the system in January, 2265 using only minimal forces. To many, this seemed indicate the futility of the Republic's aspirations for survival as an independent star nation; since its economic powerhouse had been cut off with hardly a fight and no apparent hope of recovery. However, Wolf was liberated in March by a hastily (and mercilessly) assembled task force of converted civilian starships and kludged-up fighters led by Scyr. The Battle of Wolf produced heavy Republican casualties, but demonstrated the new pride and power of a rapidly expanding Terran Navy.

The Governor of Wolf is Lee Chaudhri, a former member of the Resistance under Kazimir Vitek. Unlike most of the Republic's governors, Chaudhri did not rise to that rank from prominence as a local politician or warlord. Instead, he was essentially imposed on Wolf by Vitek after the Epsilon Conference, both as a reward for his services during the battle against the Five Acts, and to help Vitek maintain control of Wolf's inevitably significant political influence within the General Assembly.

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