Great. Now I have a picture on my hard drive of a bunch of heavily-tattooed Asian guys in diapers.

The Yakuza were originally a group of Japanese gangs who were the local equivalent of the Sicilian Mafia. After the destruction of Earth, they were the pre-eminent force in the underworld on New Tokyo and several worlds in the Eastern Bloc. Since the Vin Shriak destroyed the Bloc, the Yakuza and the Chinese Tongs have been alternately fighting each other and allying with each other to better oppose the various Wererat, Vampire, and other gangs in the shadier parts of the great cities of the Federation.

Season Eight Alternate Timeline[edit | edit source]

After the Eastern Bloc conquered the Earth Federation, the Yakuza of New Tokyo spread out to absorb both the Tongs and pretty much every other underworld organization in human space. Even non-Asians joined the organization to form the Yakuza Gaijin under the leadership of Cornelius, a former leader of the Fearless Jackals.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Of course, the Yakuza are a very real criminal organization in Japan. 

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