Eventually, they changed the name to Yangtze Cola after a successful copyright-infringement lawsuit

Yangtze Cola is a carbonated beverage which was popular in the Eastern Bloc.  It's flavored with ginseng and cola nuts, and is full of caffeine, sugar, and assorted other mild chemical stimulants.  The flavor is sickly-sweet and spicy at the same time.  Yangtze Cola is slightly addictive, rots the teeth, and slowly dissolves the lining of the digestive tract.

It is also often mixed with Rum to create a "Yangtze River Pirate" (garnished with a fried wonton speared with a plastic cutlass), a popular cocktail for people who wanted both to get drunk and stay awake to drink and dance all night.  Yangtze Cola was one of the many consumer products produced by Chin Hua Heavy Industries.

Season Eight Alternate Timeline[edit | edit source]

When the Eastern Bloc expanded into the Middle Kingdom, Yangtze Cola's customer base expanded as well, overtaking Coke and Pepsi to become the best-selling soft drink in Human space.  It was the favorite non-coffee beverage of Icarus Hicks, among many others.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Yangtze Cola was named retroactively to justify the name of the Yangtze River Pirate cocktail, and heavily inflluenced and inspired by Sparky-Cola from Andromeda, which in turn was an homage to Slug-o-cola from Deep Space Nine.

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