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Nobody better barf in my lap.

Yasuyama Akihiko (安山明彦, born June 2nd, 2166) was a forces mage and politician in the Eastern Bloc. The only child of Akira and Holly Yasuyama, he was born in the baby boom that took place after the end of the Drakat War. He pursued a career in politics after college, securing an assistant's position in the old Eastern Bloc ruling council and marrying Korean Kim Myeong-eun in 2192. Their son Satoshi was born the following year, but when the adventurous Myeong-eun accompanied Akira and Holly on a tour of the outer systems and took Satoshi with her to leave Akihiko to important negotiations, all four were tragically killed by the Bugs. Akihiko could never forgive himself for allowing work to take precedence over family or for allowing Myeong-eun and Satoshi to leave Earth without him. In 2197, he met Hikari, a refugee who was the sole surviving member from her family of a Bug attack. After rising to become the youngest member of the old Eastern Bloc's ruling council, Akihiko used his father's connections and his own influence in the Federation and Eastern Bloc to negotiate the Bloc's abdication from Earth and move to Showa in 2198, just before a Bug asteroid struck Earth. Akihiko and Hikari's wedding was the first wedding on Showa, and their son Hikaru was born later that same year.
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