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Do not touch my family!

Yasuyama Akira the Younger (安山朗2世, born August 12, 2225) is a forces mage and was a lieutenant in the Imperial Army during the 3rd Civil War. He is the son of Hikaru and Akiko Yasuyama. Unlike his older brother Akihiro, Akira preferred athletics to academics and joined the Eastern Bloc's military at his father's direction.

Military ServiceEdit

His first combat was actually the relatively tame task of seizing the Earth Federation's embassy on Showa, but his unit was quickly assigned to the defense of Epsilon, where it faced off against Alistar Dimiye's Dead Boy Brigade and Strong Eagle. When it became clear to the higher ups in the Imperial Army that Alpha Epsilon could not be held against its Tech Infantry liberators, the decision was made to destroy the entire city with a nuclear bomb, killing over 50,000,000 people. Akira had reportedly been killed by the nuclear detonation, but he has since resurfaced.

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