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She's always intense and usually pretty scary.

Yasuyama Hikari (安山光, born March 29, 2180) is a time mage. She is the wife of Akihiko and mother of Hikaru Yasuyama. She is Yasuyama Takamitsu's the great-grandmother.

Early LifeEdit

The Matsubara family settled in one of the outer systems towards the end of the twenty-second century. Hikari's father Renji and older brother Takamitsu were both time mages, but her mother Sachiko was unawakened. When the Bugs launched their offensive in 2194, she lost her entire family and narrowly escaped death herself.

Marriage and FamilyEdit

When Hikari met Akihiko, Akihiko was still reeling from the loss of his own family. When Hikari revealed to Akihiko that his father had died saving her life and expressed her own desire to support the sole surviving member of the Yasuyama family, Akihiko came to lean on Hikari very heavily for advice. Their wedding was the first wedding on the capital world of the new Eastern Bloc, Showa. Their son Hikaru was born later that year.

Hikari did her best to watch over the Yasuyama family. It was largely at her direction that her son Hikaru married Akiko Sato, another time mage in whom Hikari saw much potential. Together, Hikari and Akiko helped to steer the family and the budding Anshin Heavy Industries toward success, especially through the trying times of the 3rd Civil War.

Even during the midst of that war, however, Hikari began to see the coming storm of the Vin Shriak Holy War. Together, the two time mages began peering further and further into the future, exploring alternate timelines to try to determine which path would best suit their family. Hikari disappeared with many other members of the Yasuyama family during onslaught of the Holy War, which destroyed the Eastern Bloc entirely.

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