A rare smile from a man of few words.

Yasuyama Hikaru (安山輝, born December 12th, 2198, presumed dead 2251) was a forces mage and the founder of Anshin Heavy Industries. The only child of politician Yasuyama Akihiko by his second wife, Hikaru married Akiko under his parents' direction in early 2221, and their first son Akihiro was born late that year. Four years later, they had their second son, whom they named after Hikaru's grandfather, Akira. His grandfather had been a soldier. His father was a politician. Hikaru, however, was a businessman, and with the help of his mother's and wife's advice and his father's political pull, Hikaru negotiated Anshin into being the chief producer of the Eastern Bloc's power armor in 2228. By 2243, Yasuyama and Anshin were both household names within the Bloc. Hikaru was in the Showa system with his parents and wife when the Vin Shriak attacked, and he is presumed dead.

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