Miao Yawr

WARNING: Cigar smoking is not recommended for species that belch hydrogen.

A powerful cat, Miao K'Nhur K'Yawr is the head of Miao Mercantile Inc. He is also the First Patriarch of the Miao Clan, the Llan Executive Officer (LEO) of the Nhur Llan, and Chair of the Board of Directors on the K'Nes Llan.

Human OccupationEdit

Yawr was the architect of the transformation of Miao Mercantile Inc. from a simple Water & Gas supplier into one of the biggest smuggling rings in the galaxy.

After the destruction of the Andersvald side of the Andersvald-Nhur jumpgate during the Battle of Andersvald (in which the K'Nes Tor was defeated by the Federation), Yawr ordered the jumpgate on the Nhur side to be dismantled and hidden before the humans arrived so that the Federation couldn't confiscate it. Furthermore, the loss of traffic through the Nhur system led to an economic depression, and Miao Mercantile flirted with bankruptcy.

During the Occupation, the humans essentially commandeered the entire K'Nes economy to support the Federation's war effort. Furthermore, the Federation outlawed many goods and services completely in K'Nes space, including everything from narcotics and prostitution to power armor and gravity drives. For the K'Nes, traditionally a libertarian culture with a near-religious devotion to free-market capitalism, this was the first time gray and black markets had ever emerged in their society.

Given the alternative of insolvency, Yawr decided the criminal dangers of smuggling was an acceptable risk. He had the hidden jumpgate technology rebuilt into three gravity drives and installed them on the Miao's three biggest cargo freighters (the Acquisition, Asset, and Avarice). Using the now-isolated and backwater Nhur system as a base of operations, able to avoid jumpgate customs checkpoints by jumping directly in and out of systems using their grav drive freighters, the Miao quickly cornered the black market in K'Nes space... then expanded operations throughout the rest of the Federation.

Throughout the human Occupation, the three Miao "super-freighters" were continually upgraded, eventually becoming armored and containing advanced navigation, full stealth suites, and hidden weaponry.

Caal Invasion & AftermathEdit

After the Caal smashed the Federation, the K'Nes planets declared independence. Following the example on Purrfang, Yawr created the Nhur Llan and organized it to take over the functions of planetary government. As the clan patriarch and largest shareholder, Yawr became the Llan Executive Officer (LEO).

When Pirr Varrless the Elder organized K'Nes space into the K'Nes Llan, Yawr purchased as many Llan shares as he could in an attempt to become a member of the Executive Board (the five largest shareholders). Although Miao Mercantile and Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP owned an equal amount of shares (5%), the Executive Board seat went to Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP and Miao Mercantile became just one of many, many members of the Board of Directors. However, as the largest shareholder on the Board, Yawr was appointed as Chair.

The Miao clan considers being left off the Executive Board a deliberate snub and perhaps a punishment, mostly likely due to their criminal contacts and reputation as being the "thugs" of K'Nes space.

Currently, Varrless Financial is Yawr's fiercest opponent in the K'Nes Llan, and a bitter rivalry has developed between Yawr and Gurrmew & Yeomurt LLP from the K'Laek system (as the two are vying for the same seat on the Executive Board). Durmach Media, however, is emerging as Yawr's ally in the K'Nes Llan, since both megacorps are pro-Federation.

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