Zechariah McNeilly

Hunting humans for fun and sport since 2243.

Zechariah McNeilly, a Horadrim with a pathological hatred of humans, was an agent of Vin Dane and the Holy Terran Empire.

Early LifeEdit

Zechariah was the child of two of the Horadrim children kidnaped by the Void Engineers. They escaped to Earth (where Zechariah was born) where they joined Kash and worked for the Resistance. After his parents passed away, Zechariah continued to work for the Resistance.

Third Civil WarEdit

During the 3rd Civil War, Zechariah work for Kash on missions to build an alliance between the Resistance and the TI Rebels. During this time, he grew increasingly disillusioned with humanity, which seemed hell-bent on self-destruction, and wondered why he, a Horadrim, should be involved or even care about the human civil war. Around this time, he began hunting and killing human "low-lifes" (street gangs, homeless bums, etc.) for recreation.

While on a mission to negotiate with Crown Prince Ito of the Eastern Bloc to facilitate better relations between the Bloc and the TI Rebels, Zechariah snapped. Overwhelemed with digust for humanity, in a burst of rage he killed Crown Prince Ito and his bodyguards, his own human Resistance partner Errol, and blew up the nightclub where the negotiations were taking place.

Realizing both the Resistance and Eastern Bloc would retaliate agaisnt his treachery, Zechariah fled. Shortly after, he was recruited by Vin Dane to work with fellow Horadrim. Partnered with Jessica Martel (a human equiped with a Horadrim Soul Web), Zechariah's first task was to kidnap Kash's daugher Shannon, a Horadrim/human hybrid with the ability to work magick (and a Star Soul).

Caal Invasion & AftermathEdit

Like many of Vin Dane's associates, Zechariah dropped off the map after the Third Civil War, his actions and whereabouts during this period are unknown. It is presumed that he continued to work for Vin Dane. Jessica Martel, his human partner, also disappeared during this time and has not yet resurfaced, leading to rumors that he killed her, too. During the Caal Invasion, Zechariah may well have been aboard one of the Horadrim warships that helped defeat the Caal in the Battle of Avalon.

As the Holy Terran Empire was formed, Zecharaiah was initially part of the government bureacracy. Early on, however, Zechariah was involved in an incident involving the death of several of his human coworkers (who the Empire later claimed were assassinated by terrorists). Following this, Zechariach was transfered to the Imperial embassy on Purrfang in the K'Nes Llan, a move many have interpreted as a punishment.

K'Nes Diplomatic PostingEdit

McNeilly got heavily involved in K'Nes internal politics, as a backer, puppet master, and agent of Pirr Varrless. However, when their schemes extended so fas as trying to kill Miu in order to gain control over her Impossibarium research, they fell afoul of Heth, and McNeilly died at Heth's hands before he could kill Miu.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Zechariah McNeilly was played by Josh Wooden in season 4.3. He was introduced late in game as a replacement for Josh's previous character Malachi Spyder, who had died. His Actor Avatar is Keanu Reeves.

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